About Bull Socks

Start Me Up

It’s March 2020. COVID-19 rips through the world and creates havoc. We lost a business we’d been running for 15 years. In times like that, you can either sink into the mire or pull your fucking socks up!

We decided to take the second option and BULL SOCKS was born. We’re starting small and will keep investing in design and production to expand the range.

Tough Fucking Love

We’ve all had different experiences in our lives up to this point to make us who we are. It’s also worth remembering that the only person in life we can control, is ourselves.

So, live and let live, as long as we strive to improve as individuals and share the good.

And, whereas some people seemingly glide to greatness, behind most achievers is hard work and sacrifice.

We’re just here to be your daily reminder.

Because You Can.
Because You Will.

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