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Life Is Not A Disney Movie

Life is not what you wish for, it’s what you work for. It’s the result of your application so stop waiting for something to happen – Make it happen!

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Why Wait? The Time Is Now

Planning is all well and good but, as the saying goes, action speaks louder than words… Much louder! The time is now!

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Making The Right Decisions

Too many people in life look for an out to cover up their own lack of achievement. Decide to give yourself options by taking control.

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Pick Your Giants Wisely

If you are going to pick a giants shoulders to stand on, you have an amazing array from history. Pick Giants that make you stronger, better and wiser.

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Tell Yourself A New Story

All the while you think you are ‘who you are’ you are stuck. Why not take away the restrictions and start telling yourself a different story?

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Work On Yourself

Whatever your goals, it is 100% your responsibility to make then happen. No excuses, no scapegoats. Own your failures. Don’t let them own you!