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keep it simple

Keep It Fucking Simple!

By keeping things simple, we can focus – One step-at-a-time; one day-at-a time. Don’t overthink. Just do.

show some fucking discipline

Show Some Discipline!

No achievement gets delivered quickly. It takes a culmination of weeks and months and years of perseverance; and discipline!

cut negative shit out of your life

Cut Negative Shit Out Of Your Life

The world is full of negativity. Why not chose to brainwash yourself with positivity? And that includes cutting some people out of your life.

Failing Forward

Failing Forward

We’re taught at school there is a right and wrong, a pass or fail; but it’s a crock of shit. The most successful people fail on a very regular basis.

Keep Calm and Take Control

Keep Calm and Take Fucking Control

Life (and your state of mind) is all about the choices you make and the decisions you stick with… And taking control. That all starts in your head.

Life Is Not A Disney Movie

Life is not what you wish for, it’s what you work for. It’s the result of your application so stop waiting for something to happen – Make it happen!