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Choose Your Day

There’s two ways of looking at your life.

You can either look for things around you to blame for your failings; or you can realise that, in fact, the only thing that counts is what YOU do about stuff.

How often do you hear things like:

I don’t have time to go to the gym.
I can’t get promoted because my boss is an arse.
I’ll start the diet on Monday.

Perhaps you’ve even said one of these things yourself. BUT, these are all personal CHOICES.

YOUR choice to not achieve.
YOUR reaction to shit events.
YOUR decision to feel the way you feel

You can blame other people all you want about your decisions and the way you feel, but let’s face it, it ain’t gonna help YOU.

That prick who just cut you up driving has made you angry.
That parent who’s always putting you down makes you feel shit.
That kid who bullied you at school means you aren’t confident.
That person on social media who ‘looks’ like they have an ace life makes you feel inadequate.

You can’t change things that happen, or have happened, in your life –  – or, in reality, your perception of them – –  BUT you can change the way you feel about them all.

That’s why you see some people in life, who seem like they’ve had the shittiest hand dealt to them, but who continue to achieve great things and stay positive.

So, really, what’s your excuse?

Why not CHOOSE different feelings, thoughts and reactions?