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Pick Your Giants Wisely

There’s a popular saying (and an Oasis album) that talks about Standing On the Shoulders of Giants.

The idea is that as people, we have advanced understandings based on the significant thinkers who have gone before us. IE. We can learn from some brilliant people who dedicated their lives to cleverness.

We’re not talking social media here by the way, where far too many dickheads started pouting and posturing and gained followers of millions who hang on their every [paid for] word.

No, we’re talking smart people who can help all of us become better version of ourselves.

The trick is finding the right people to learn from who may have a solution that improves YOU as a human.

Firstly, you may have to kiss a lot of frogs. Read loads of different stuff, including stuff you may not agree with. Filter what works and what doesn’t and if you struggle to read in-depth, find podcasts or use an App like Blinkist that can help you read books super quick.

Consume self-development like a fucking beast. Surround yourself with like-minded people and feed off their learnings – either in person or online.

From the Stoics to Anthony Robbins and a million others in between, you must forge a path for your own development.

Remember, change may not necessarily become apparent after a couple of days, but, every single day is a chance to learn and improve.


So, put in the fucking effort and stand on the shoulder of some real hardcore giants from recent and distant history – there’s plenty to choose from.

If you would like any pointers, let us know, and we can create a page with a few suggestions from the team. We can also add any of your own ideas too if you’d like to share.