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Show Some Discipline!

No outstanding achievement is ever delivered quickly. It usually takes a culmination of weeks and months and years of perseverance.

When you analyse what it takes to make an achievement – focus, will power, positive mindset, patience – it all boils down to one word:


Discipline is the no-nonsense, no-excuses part of your goal.

Success doesn’t rise to your hopes and dreams; it sinks to your level of discipline.

So, as much as you may want something, it all comes to nothing if you don’t do the graft.

It’s about the hard miles; the ‘doing the work’ when you don’t feel like it. Running when the weather is terrible; saying no to that beer; picking up the phone to a client when you the feel nerves and could easily send an email.

Measure It

If you are looking to achieve anything in life, stop judging yourself on your progress. It may disappoint you if you don’t see changes.

Instead, judge yourself on your daily discipline.

It’ll help with patience, deliver constant positive feedback, and it will ultimately lead you further and further down the path to success.

show some fucking discipline