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Stop Trying To Be ‘Super’

The word super has invaded language over the past few years to help people add extra feeling into their conversation.

The problem is, it’s just an extra word to help people feel they are super understood.

The language you use matters. It defines relevance on what you tell others, but more importantly, what you tell yourself.

We are so busy trying to over-communicate that we often miss the more important word – the excitement, the interest, the coolness. Isn’t that enough?

The same applies to the words nice and good. They often almost feel insipid, not enough on their own; so people say super nice and super good, focusing less on the adjective itself.

But, on a day-to-day basis, how often do we do good things or nice things?  

We don’t need to be super-men and super-women; we just need to get the fundamentals right.

stop trying to be fucking super