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Tell Yourself A New Story

All the while you think you are ‘who you are’, you are stuck. People tell themselves that they are one way or another, that type of person or this, and it all does is creates restrictions.

  • I always quit that health regime after a couple of weeks, that’s what I do.
  • I’m not good enough for that job.
  • I’ll never run a marathon; I’m not built for it.

But, here’s a thought. Once upon a time you couldn’t walk, read or feed yourself. You were taught and learned. You made a shit-load of mistakes, didn’t judge yourself and you got better.

You didn’t think, oh, I’m not the type of person who can walk.

As we grow as children, we get self-conscious, and then people around us start projecting their thoughts on us:

  • “Oh, that’s Karen, she’s so forgetful all the time.”
  • “Yes, Steve’s just not great at academic work, but he’s good with his hands.”

These reinforcements, negative or positive, start to stick. We tend to believe them about ourselves as if we are a fixed object that never changes. If we hear stuff enough, we have a tendency not only to believe it, but continue reinforcing the same beliefs to ourselves.

But guess what. It’s all made up nonsense. We change and develop all the time, we adapt. Are you the same person you were five years ago? Five months ago? Has anything about you changed? Of course!

We are a living, breathing change machine when we put out minds to it.

When we push past that point of supposed struggle, our brain creates new neural pathways that get stronger and stronger and stronger. We do get better, we do improve and we do change, until we decide not to.

So, two final thoughts:

  1. Why give up? Why not keep pushing and believing?
  2. Why not start telling yourself different stories about yourself right now until you start believing those?