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Why Wait? The Time Is Now

Today, I am going to plan. After all, ‘proper preparation prevents piss-poor performance’, right?

Bit then something will get in the way. Something stupid. An itch to keep checking a social media profile. Any old excuse will do?

Maybe, you feel you need to get as much information sorted before you plough on with your new health and fitness regime, or that business idea, or even spending more time with your family.

Go ahead and convince yourself other stuff needs to happen first before you start getting shit actually done. Maybe even tell yourself it’s okay because you are prone to a spot of procrastination. Go on, label yourself.

It’s bullshit. It’s an excuse.

You’ll start the diet tomorrow – start it right now!
You can’t run or ride today because it’s raining – get wet!
You can’t make that call because you’re nervous – feel the fear and do it anyway!

Anyone you look at in awe for their achievements battles through. It’s part of making it. They take responsibility. They don’t blame external factors and give it the ‘poor little me’, they take control.

They struggle through the early days – like we all need to – and build resilience.

There is no easy way.

So take control.


Right now.